MatrikonOPC Server for Omron PLCs

MatrikonOPC Server for Omron PLCs 1.8

Provides robust connectivity to OMRON PLC devices over Hostlink
1.8 (See all)

The OMRON PLC OPC Server from MatrikonOPC provides robust connectivity to OMRON PLC devices over Hostlink (FINS and C-mode) as well as FINS connections over Ethernet (TCP and UDP). This OPC Server connects via a high-speed connection, and requires a minimal manual configuration thanks to the self discovering and auto configuration capabilities.
Unique Characteristics of the OMRON PLC OPC Server are:
- Supports C-Mode connections over HostLink.
- Supports FINS connections over HostLink (Serial)
- Supports FINS connections over Ethernet using TCP and UDP.
- Auto-detection of PLC models using FINS/CMode.
- Supports CS/CJ series and CV series of PLCs over FINS connections.
- Robust serial and Ethernet (UDP and TCP) communications with advanced error recovery.
- Many data types are supported including Boolean Arrays.
- Easy to configure with auto-detection of FINS source and destination node numbers when using the TCP transport layer.
- Serial connection types are automatically configured
- Full support for bundled requests to optimize communications
- Omron Host Link Multi-drop Supported
- Channel Level Redundancy
- Advanced Calculation Engine
- Memory Types Supported: AR, IR, HR, LR, DM, RC, TC
- CSV file import and export of OPC server tags
- Network Interface Selection
- Offline mode is supported

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